Engine Oil: Fully Synthetic 10W-60

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Brand: SUMO

Package: 1 x Sumo R2 Racing Performance Fully Synthetic Turbo Engine Oil 10W60 4 Litres


  • Fully Synthetic 10W60 4 Litres
  • 100% Genuine Sumo Made In Japan
  • SUMO R2 Performance Turbo engine Fully Synthetic Oil 10W-60 SM/CF is the best synthetic motor oil for racing.
  • It is made on special completely synthetic hydrocarbon base oils – polyalphaolefines. It is alloyed with a special additives package. It has multigrade application for gasoline, gas, and diesel engines. It is ideal for modern multi-valve engines with turbo including those with intermediate cooling system. It is particularly recommended for engines of racing and sports cars.
  • Maximum power, breakdown dynamics, and the durability at extreme loads and speed are always on a high level due to the patented formula of the special modern additives, which is a part of the composition of the SUMO R2 Performance Turbo Engine Oil.
  • The use of the special additives is acknowledged to be a groundbreaking direction in saving energy and resources.
  • Designed especially for extreme regimes of operating in rally, tracks, and other types of racing.
  • Effectively protects the engine from wear at maximum rotations and maximum working temperatures.
  • Owing the Maximum high temperature viscosity (SAE 60 ), it firms gaps in the cylinder piston group and keeps the maximum engine power.
  • Prevents “dry” friction of parts at overloads in dynamic conditions and during the cold start.
  • Provides notably low waste oil consumption due to minimum evaporation losses.
  • Keeps the engine perfectly clean.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 30 cm

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