The automotive industry is one of the biggest market in Malaysia. Statistics have shown that, on average, one person owns two vehicles. The demand for used car in Malaysia has significantly increased the demand for after-sales and aftermarket parts. But too many parts distributed in the market have led to high competition and more counterfeit issues and cheap-quality parts.


This is the aha moment for us. We want to provide the best-quality parts for the car owner. This is where our journey began as an online auto parts retailer in May 2019. We want to give our users the best-quality parts so they can last longer and forever without risking any possible outcomes, such as a broken lower arm that can result in casualties.

Our founder, Rafiq Raffee, 29, who graduated with a Masters degree in Automotive Engineering from Sussex University UK and was recognised as the Best Automotive Engineering Project by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers UK (IMechE), always believes that passion is necessary in everything we do. Delivering the best is our main priority. The experience in the automotive industry, the market understanding, the value proposition, and how we differentiate with others have tremendously helped us grow from zero to 7 figures in revenue in just 3 years.


We have more than 150K+ followers across social media platforms and 3,000+ satisfied and loyal customers. We are backed by strong supplier networks, supported by over 50 workshops as our installation partners nationwide. We also cater to demand from overseas countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the United Kingdom, and the United States.



Our biggest achievement in 2023 is that Carzey has been recognised as an Automotive Start-Up Excellence Award by the Asia Automotive Awards organised by Global Brand Awards Singapore. Becoming the award-winners along with the highest-performing company in Asia has given us more inspiration to make a positive impact and contribution in the automotive industry in Malaysia and throughout the region.

Our vision is to make sure car ownership is easy and convenient for the owner. Our mission is to become one of the biggest automotive ecosystems in Malaysia and perhaps Southeast Asia. With the empowerment of our experienced and specialised team members, nothing is impossible for us.

And our journey continues.